New Builds

Our goal for a new build is to get you up and running with your repository as quickly as possible. To achieve this we will perform the following tasks:
  1. Requirements elicitation
  2. Completion of a Pre-Build checklist
  3. Installation of the EPrints Software
  4. Branding of the repository to match your corporate style
  5. Metadata customisation
  6. Customisation of the deposit workflow
  7. Customisation of Import/Export plugins
  8. Customisation of Views
  9. Installation of standard packages (IRStats)

We can also provide the following extra services. (We would need to charge extra for these activities)

  • Development of custom Import/Export plugins
  • Development of custom workflow components & Screen plugins
  • Bulk data import/export

We are happy to install the software on a server that you own and maintain. We would expect the server to have an appropriate operating system installed (Ubuntu) and we would expect you to be responsible for the maintenance of the server including backups. Alternatively we would be happy to discuss hosting your repository for you.