Our goal for an upgrade is to get your repository up to the latest stable version of EPrints with the minimum down time. We will perform the following tasks:
  1. Perform an audit of the current repository to ensure that an upgrade is appropriate.
  2. Backup your database, documents and configuration.
  3. Install the required version of EPrints.
  4. Run the upgrade scripts to upgrade the core software and the database schema.
  5. Resolve any conflicts (this is only necessary if the core has been modified).
  6. Update/merge customisations of the local configuration to match the new version.

Where possible we prefer to perform an upgrade on a test server first so that you have the time to assess the affect of any new features that are introduced in the new version and thus prepare for any user education/information program you may feel you need. This approach also allows you to have the confidence that the new version will suit the way you wish to manage your repository.